48 hours.

A short respite from the daily grind.
Time to do what you actually want to do.
The reason you try your hardest to pull through the work week.
But you've got a long to-do list.
Because from Monday to Friday it's impossible to "live".
Impossible to eat food that takes longer than five minutes to cook.
Impossible to get up from your chair and go outside.
Impossible to use your hands to create something beautiful.

Ah, the weeekend.
Sometimes it's all you live for.
But when Sunday afternoon rolls around,
and you realize you haven't ticked anything off your "fun" list,
a feeling of sadness creeps in,
of frustration,
of desperation.

And as you see the sun coming down,
you breathe a sigh of relief.
You cut yourself some slack and give yourself a well-deserved break.
You watch your 48-hour window slowly come to a close,
with hope reserves refreshed and optimism taking over
you resolve to accomplish something next weekend

and the countdown begins again.

E. Kerlili

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